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The exciting part of what we do is we create everything digital, mystical, minimal, visual & analytical
that help our clients grow their business.
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Web Design & Development

Our creative and bespoke web design features are applicable to any package…


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Web App Development

We deliver functional, data driven web applications combining our solid cross-browser experience,…


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Search Engine Optimize

How do you become the champ? By beating hundreds of could-have-been-a-contenders? No.…


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Maintenance & Support

Maintenance of a website is as important as building the website. If…


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What Sets Us Apart

We see your web design visions brought to life, creating a site that promotes your uniqueness through specific functionalities and features.

We listen and learn

We listen to your team (stakeholders, audiences, you) and pay attention to your data. Connecting goals, people, and behaviors makes everyone more successful.

We Create As a Team

With hands-on workshops and prototyping—we create together. As a team, we push through friction and confusion to find great solutions.

We Plan For The Future

Training and documentation lets us work with your team to create an operational plan. This is how your new content system will live and thrive in the future.

We are Creative in Design

Compare our competitors with our online web design portfolio and you'll quickly understand why Blacktide is considered a leading Nairobi web design company.

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Young Guys With Ingenious Minds!

Young guys with ingenious minds in information technology. Quality work delivered in required time. Keep it up.

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Great Company!

Nice experience working with you guys. Great brains in web designing. Thumbs up guys!!!

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Job well done!

Working with the Blacktide team is a great experience. I was impressed by their approach in dealing with clients.

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